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Atmospheric / Folk metal FROM BELARUS
Atmospheric metal meets folklore fantasy in music by Belarusian metal band Evoking Winds.
It’s a mixture of stormy blast beats with an epic ambiance and a healthy dose of Eastern Europe’s dark tales. Our latest works explore fantasy world of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher prose

“You and I at least once felt an interesting thing: a happiness and grief for what you love and won’t likely face again. It’s like turning the last page of Lord of The Rings reading it for the first time. It’s like watching the sunset together with Yennefer in Corvo Bianco understanding that your quest is over. It’s like remembering folklore stories from your granddad who told you about the ancient times.

Didn’t you dream of the other stories that could live in these worlds? In some sense, Evoking Winds project talks about what could be there. It becomes home for all these feelings."

— Artyom Prishchepov, Metalhead Community: Evoking Winds Interview, August 15, 2021
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Evoking Winds Discography

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Evoking Winds - Bald Mountain Album Coming Soon (2022), Metal Belarus

Bald Mountain (2022)

Which of two merits more: freedom to be tempted or freedom to decide? Based on tales from several regions, the album tells us the story of a man captured by the Wild Hunt on one cold night.
The motives of Bald Mountain are central for many legends of Eastern Europe. Most of us who has ever read, seen or played anything related to "The Witcher" saga, knows who inhabits it. Come, a tempting yet dangerous journey awaits.
Heroes of Might and Magic (Metal Tribute) by Evoking Winds (2019), Metal Belarus

The Heroes: OST Tribute (2019)

Inspired by the music of Paul Anthony Romero with composer's permission.

The true brilliance of the series is the music. It influenced the Evoking Winds band much and this album is our tribute work to the Three Heroes of fantasy music: Paul Romero, Rob King, and Steve Baca. The monumental work "Heroes of Might and Magic III OST" had been released 20 years ago, and we played the beloved themes from HoMM3 and HoMM2 once again to celebrate the music we all grew on.

Evoking Winds - Conjunction of Spheres Album (2015), Metal Belarus

Conjunction of Spheres (2015)

Eventually, exploring fantasy worlds has led us to the main inspiration for our lyrics for further albums since 2014 and on we uncovered “The Witcher” saga by Andrzej Sapkowski. With the given world maturity and huge folklore background - we fell in love with the setting and started to carefully explore it. This is our first try at the setting: together with the listener, we moved towards the old age when the Conjunction of Spheres has occurred and there was just the beginning of the world we were told a lot later.

Besides the described setting, “Conjunction of Spheres” contains some philosophical thoughts on human beings standing in front of something bigger. The uneven choices we do, the outcomes we have, and the uncertainty about whether we need these results. This line correlates a lot with thoughts we find in “The Witcher”, and though the album doesn’t name any famous characters or names, our inspiration is clear here.

Evoking Winds - Silent Dawn Album (2013), Metal Belarus

Silent Dawn (2013)

Luckily our homelands have tons of dark and authentic folklore stories you can be thrilled by nowadays. For our band, the second album “Silent Dawn” is the borderline between real-world and mystic ones: the more we explore music - the farther we wander away into fantasy worlds. Back to folklore roots, the album tells the dark and authentic tales we listen to as kids here in Eastern Europe. Its culture code reflects the way nature behaves where the land is covered with endless swamps and pre-historic woods.
Evoking Winds - Towards Homestead Album (2008), Metal Belarus

Towards Homestead (2008)

As we originate from Eastern Europe, the folklore, tales, and legends widespread in our region have always been the inspiration for us. We started our music journey with folklore themes: ancient songs sung here in Belarus were the basis for our debut “Towards Homestead”. On the album we explored the sense of traditional songs with unexpected harmonies diving deeper into emotional tints.

Evoking Winds - Pyl na našych ščakach: Early Recordings (2005-2008)
#0 - EARLY RECORDINGS 2005-2008

Pyl na našych ščakach (2008)

This album is made of recordings we made as demos before our first conceptual album "Towards Homestead". It contains our first steps in black metal as well as acoustic folklore themes and orchestration. Later on, each of these elements became united in our main albums as the band's sound signature.

Meet Our Team

We live in thousands miles away from each other (Belarus, USA, Poland, China and Russia) and for many years we've engaged together in our music passion online. As it's always been, we continue to be active as a studio project not concerned with live performances
Alia Fay
Ethnic Instruments, Vocals
Alexandr Cherepanov
Vocals, Arrangement
Artyom Prishchepov
Composing, Lyrics, Ethnic Instruments
Sergey Shulzhenko
Keys and Orchestration
Yaroslav Korotkin
Bass, Vocals, Rhythm Section
Pavel Mikhalyov
Lead Guitars
Bob Darling
Poetry Reading
James Knoerl
Session Drums, Programming
Dzmitry Sarychau